About Us

EurDecor is proud to exclusively carry DutZ and Ecri luxury products in the United States.  EurDecor is sure to find you any container to fit your needs.  We have thousands of colors and styles, creating endless possibilities. We have been featured in Elle Decor, In Style, House Beautiful, and Coastal Living publications.  

Ecri, our master of pottery is capable of producing small as well as very large ceramic containers. Since we develop our colors ourselves, we can accommodate almost any desired aesthetic. Our luster collections are made with precious minerals, including gold, platinum, and crushed ruby stones to give them a shine that is unparalleled, making them truly special items that are cherished by their owners. By baking these containers at about 1250°C to ensure they are water tight as well as durable; they are designed for long term pleasure.

DutZ, our expert in hand blown glass works exclusively with experienced and skilled artists who add soul and emotion to their creations, something that machine-manufactured products never have. Small irregularities in shape and color are therefore not defects, but are the result of the complicated handcrafting method of production. This stresses the unique character of this collection and adds a timeless and priceless value to each piece we sell.